Snail mail trouble

I am really fed up with the unreliability of the snail mail service lately. None of my invoices seem to be getting to my clients even though my account says they have been prepared. Since dec 1st until now and still unresolved. I should have my money back for the failed delivery of several invoices. Plus reissued ones that never got there costing me more!

Hi @Gardenflair

I’m sorry this is the case. We do rely on a third party to provide this service for us, and the status in your account is what’s been sent back by them.

Let me see if I can look into this further with you. Please bear with me

I see they are all appearing to be reported as ‘dispatched’. However, I appreciate your concern with this and I’ve asked a colleague to take a look into this further.

There have been some known issues with the service recently due to issues on UK Mail’s servers, but they have informed us that these were resolved. @Glenn’s post here sheds a bit more light on the picture.

Thanks, its just frustrating that I only find out when I see Im not being paid on time and as its a 30 day arrangement I end up with a big cash flow problem.

@Gardenflair I am sorry for the issues regarding the snail mail service. There should not be any problem in regards to items sent in January. The intermittent problems with iMail occurred in the first part of December.

I will contact you privately to discuss further specifics regarding your account.

I appreciate the refund from imail.

Thank you

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