Sole Trader - splitting purchases for personal/business expenses

Hi, just getting to grips with the software and was wondering about the best way to go around splitting petrol receipts, car costs, rent and other purchases that are split between personal and business use. I’ve read some similar posts but haven’t found a good solution yet. I’ve tried modifying a purchase with a discount but this results in me being in ‘credit’ to the supplier, which I’m sure will mess the books up. Imputing the data already discounted (i.e. not the actual amount on the receipt or amount taken from my bank account) will mean my bank accounts and receipt copies will no longer match and sync with scanned receipts and uploaded bank statements - so the paper trail will be broken…
Any help on this head scratcher will be most welcome!

What you would normally do here is enter the purchase invoice in full then pay the business part from the current account (or other payment method used) and the personal part from the proprietor drawings account.

If you’re mixing business and personal transactions like this it’s very difficult to get the bank account to reconcile with your paper statements. That’s not really a problem though for sole traders, in general you just delete whatever’s not related to the business or transfer it to proprietor drawings.

You may find this guide useful:

Thanks for the help - still a little confused though! Say there was £50 in petrol but the car was used 50% for business - I would generate a £50 payment (£25 paid by the current account and £25 paid by the Proprietor drawings account?). I had a go at this but when I generate a report it still looks like the business paid the full £50… I think I’m going wrong somewhere…

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