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Just spoke with Accountant about a client of mine and he has just finished his year end it was his first time using Quickfile and says its really good.I did ask him that my client is going from a sole trader to limited the start of December 14 so his sole trader accounts would be from April to November then start of limited in December I have said i need to start up a new accounts package as you wont allow this to transfer over.He has suggested to me we can carry on accounts as they are and just rename accounts and then set up in company settings a change from Sole trader to Limited is this possible as I have a couple of clients on quick file and i will have to do this for them too.Any help or advise on this would be great.Can we just change over like this as it would be so simple any easy.Many thanks

There’s a good reason why you can’t change the status from Sole Trader to LTD, you should never mix the transactions of a sole trader with a LTD company as they are two completely separate legal entities and must submit their own separate accounts.

For that reason setting up a new account is always the prescribed method when transitioning from a sole trader to an LTD.

How do I go about transfering the data I have into a Limited Company like customers and suppliers exporting the info from one account to importing that info into a new account but I need to do another email address.If you have a easy method please could you inform me as I like your software and dont want to go elsewhere.

Is it possible to take a back up from a certain date and then import that data into a new account for the limited account to move forward and then re name new account as limited so we do have the sole trader accounts and then the new limited accounts ?is this possible?Cant see anything about importing a previous back up into quickfile?

The only data you really want to be moving is the client and supplier records, and probably a few account settings. We can migrate client and supplier records from one account to another, you’d just need to tell us the “from” and “to” QF account numbers.

We have a strict policy of one account per email for free accounts. You can use Affinity to manage multiple accounts, this works as a single control panel that you can log into and then jump to any of your managed accounts.

Thats great news.How much would that cost if all my clients were large data if i have it right it will cost me 2.55 per month for L accounts and 2.95 XL so if i had 7 clients it will cost me 305 for year is that correct?.
You can move clients and supplier info across to new account only,what about the trial balance to as this be opening figures.Thanks

There’s a price calculator you can use for Affinity here:

If you had 7 large clients it would be around £17.82 + vat per month.

You shouldn’t move the trial balance from the sole trader account to the LTD account as the accounting is completely separate and should never be mixed.

When a new LTD is incorporated and setup on QuickFile, all it’s balances will be zero. Even though the business hasn’t changed, any old invoices issued from the sole trader account should be paid into it’s bank account and the LTD will get a new bank account so any invoices raised from the LTD will be paid there… completely separate.

Hi Glenn,
Just set up new account for client as hes now Limited could you migrate accounts suppliers,and customers over to new account plus keep old account open aswell for accountant.the sole trader account number is 6131402023 and new ltd account number is 6131460831.
Many thanks.

I will first need to issue confirmations to the registered account holders on each account to confirm this. I will get these sent out today.


Confirmation sent!

Hi @Glenn

We’re soon going to be in the same predicament. I understand the need for creating a new account but is there a way of uploading the old customer invoices to the new account so that they can still access them?

Many thanks,


You shouldn’t transfer the invoices, only the clients. The invoices were issued when you were a sole trader and shouldn’t be part of the ltd company - there’s a few posts on here about that, but it basically comes down to both entities being legally separate.

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