Sole Trader to LTD

Can someone kindly help me.

We have just gone as a LTD company however i can not change it on the software i am not sure how to do this.

I have seen on previously we can migrate accounts but i am unsure how to do this.

If we manage to migrate the accounts would all my clients still be there and would all the previous quotes and invoices be there as the customer like to look back at the prices.

If someone can help asap so i can get this sorted that be grate.

Hi @Event_Medical

You would need to create a new account as the limited company would be a separate legal entity from the sole trader business. For that reason, invoices and estimates cannot be copied or moved.

There isn’t a migration tool from your end, but we can certainly arrange this for you. When you’re ready with the new account, please send me a private message (click my name or avatar and select “Message”) with your existing and new account numbers.

We can copy clients, client contacts and suppliers across for you.

Thanks i have crated a new account ready message been sent

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