Specific guide for importing Data from Wave

I’m looking to move from Wave to Quickfile. So I can set up Quickfile to match what I currently have on Wave – where can I find specific instructions for what Quickfile requires and what I need to ask Wave for?

Hi @redonion,

You may find that this guide will help you: Importing data from another system

There is nothing specific for Wave but a generic guide for importing your data.

Hope this helps

I’m a complete luddite when it comes to accounting. I’m not sure I can work out how to do it without a specific idiot’s guide for Wave.

Hi redonion,
I found this to export your data from wave:

After that follow the link QFBeth mentioned above .
Hope this helps

Hi @redonion

Rather than attempting to import all your historic data from Wave, I would instead recommend you decide on a logical point to move over to QuickFile and then run a Trial Balance report. This is a balance of all your nominal ledger accounts at a point in time which makes it easier to migrate to a different system.

You can then import the TB file (usually a CSV or spreadsheet file) into QuickFile, I’ve included a link to a guide on how to do that and we can certainly assist you if you want to send a copy to @QFSupport on a private message.

Importing data from another system

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