Split bank payment transaction to supplier (improving app)

I have a bank transaction in GBP for a payment to a supplier eg. 1000. the supplier has just one invoice still open ( to be paid) which is issued in EUR. Since I paid that invoice some days later the tax date, there is a LOSS in exchange rate for me . I need to register eg. 950 to supplier ( to allow me to figure out a credit /prepayment in his account) + eg 50 of LOSS in exchange rate. I can use the JOURNAL (samething else tab… BUT I cannot post the prepayment ot the supplier, so when I try to make a payment for the invoice that prepayment does not appear into the dashboard of the supplier. SOLUTION: if you would add a FIELD ( in which I could SELECT a supplier) into the journal close to the nominal account FIELD I could add the prepayment directly to the correct supplier WHILE I am posting the journal to account the LOSS in exchange rate.

Hi @Giulio

Was the invoice recorded in the correct currency (EUR), and the bank transaction recorded in GBP?

If you’re using the multi-currency option in QuickFile, we will automatically calculate and record currency gains/losses when paying invoices.

It’s not possible at this time to split a multi-currency transaction into different areas (e.g. paying an invoice and a prepayment), so creating 2 transactions would be the correct way to account for this.

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