Split bank payment

I have £200 payment to TRADE UK (account card) but its £100 to Screwfix purchases and £100 to Trade point, how do I tag in the bank statement these two different supplies account/transactions

Hi @pelican,

The easiest way to do this would be to create two bank transactions for £100 each to be able to tag these to the individual suppliers and then delete the £200 transaction from the bank account.

Does that make it something you should handle the same as you would a credit card - a separate bank account representing the balance on the card, payments out of that account when you spend, and a bank transfer from the current account when you pay off the bill?

it is a kind of credit card but its for two outlets and the purchases are recorded as two the payment is requested for both £200 A)£100 b)£100 , this dose not keep it tidy as the transaction is feed from BANK acc to QF as a £200 and there fore i cant TAG both sellers

What are the dates on the invoices or receipts you receive from the suppliers? Do they consider the purchases as having been “paid” at the time of the transaction by the fact that you’ve used your account card, or do the purchases stay outstanding from their perspective until you’ve made payment for the card statement?

Either way the simplest way to deal with it in QuickFile is to treat it like a credit card and create a “bank account” for the card. The £200 money out of your current account when you pay the card bill is then just a transfer to this new account. The £100 payments to each supplier are separate transactions out of the same account, either on the date of each purchase or on the same date as the settlement payment, depending whether you treat it as a credit card (borrowing money from a third party to pay the two suppliers, then paying back the third party later) or as extended credit from the original suppliers themselves (i.e. B&Q and Screwfix don’t consider their invoices as paid until you’ve settled the trade account for the month).

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