Split Receipt from Client

I have a client that doesn’t pay all of their invoice and instead I receive some or all of the Net amount in one payment, then I might receive all the next invoices Net plus the first invoices VAT in the next payment and in a third payment I might receive some of the unpaid net from invoice 1, part of the VAT unpaid in from invoice 2 and part of the net from invoice 3

If I put the payment on account, when I try to allocate it, it wants to pay all the outstanding amount and there doesn’t appear to be an option to pay only the part I know has been paid - can the amount to be allocated to an invoice from the unallocated balance be specified?

Hi @Runaway_Nan

You can specify how much of an invoice is paid off when paying it from the credit held on account but you can’t specify which aspect of the invoice is being paid

Hi Beth, thank you for coming back to me and sorry for being slow to see it and respond.

I have one invoice that was for £3,720.12 for which payment of £3079.84 has been made and allocated leaving £640.28 outstanding

I have a second invoice that was for £2796 for which payment of £446 has been made and allocated leaving £2350 outstanding

I have now received a payment of £2950.01 and I want to allocate £620.01 of the receipt (sitting as unallocated on the account) to the first invoice leaving £20.27 as outstanding on that invoice and I want to allocate £2330 (the remainder of the receipt) to the second invoice leaving £20 outstanding on there.

I cannot work out how to do this as there doesn’t appear to be a means to state how much to allocate.

Hi @Runaway_Nan

If you tag the payment to be held on the account and then once you’ve done this go into the invoices - at the top click tag payment and tick apply from credit balance. You can then enter the amount you wish to tag to that invoice.

Hope this helps

I’m sorry - I’m not usually this dumb - I’m a qualified accountant that has used many packages but I am just not seeing this!

I have been in the bank, I tagged the receipt in the bank as the clients unallocated.

Next I go to Sales - Outstanding Invoices and I get a list of partial paid invoices - there is no “tag payment” in there

If I go in to the invoice itself there is only the “log payment” option and if I go in there and check the box for “apply from credit” it wants to allocate all of my credit and there is no option to say how much to apply so that I can leave an amount outstanding

I have gone round in circles trying to find a way to do this and I am totally frustrated - sorry!

Can you give it to me in real idiot terms?

I have the payment tagged in the bank account and it is on the clients account (when I view clients I can see it on the front page) as a prepayment. Where do I go now?

I’ve just re-read my post, and want to clarify, when I go to the invoice, I click on the “log payment” option, in there, I check the box for “apply from credit” and it wants to allocate the total balance of my invoice (not the total credit on account).

I cannot see any way to change the amount to be applied. Sorry :frowning:

Hi @Runaway_Nan

Apologies, you only get the option to allocate a certain amount if the total is less than the remaining balance on the invoice.

I will speak with the developers and see if they can keep the option for all payments

I have moved this into a feature request as this could be possible in the future :slight_smile: