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Splitting a Bank deposit

Is there a way of splitting a bank deposit of 2 or more cheques/cash without creating nominal journal entries?
I have “Lettings” invoices that have been paid for by Cheque/ Cash I would like to tag as paid but as far as I see there is no facility to split the bank entry so that the invoices can be tagged.
My only immediate solution is to create a manual transaction for each invoice in the bank account and delete the combined bank entry. Surely there is a better way?

Hi @gjwguk

Is this payment for one client? If it is you can use the “Pay down multiple invoices” option when tagging the payment.

If the payment is for more than one client, you will have to split the transaction. There is more information about this in the following link Processing split payments to different customers

Thanks. I should have thought of that myself

What I usually do for clients who say pay 4 cheques in at a time for various clients of theirs is split the transactions and label them cheque 1 payment from xx cheque 2 payment from etc etc and then tag each one.

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