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Splitting invoices

Is there a way to easily split purchase and sales invoices in QuickFile? To give you an example of what I’m trying to do and have seen possible on other finance systems:

We order two widgets from Acme Widgets Ltd. We issue one purchase order. One item is out of stock and so they send the other one and invoice for it. One remains outstanding but now we have a purchase invoice that we need to pay which has one supplier reference number on it and when the other item is invoiced it will have another different supplier ref. Our workflow currently is to manually duplicate the purchase invoice, that was created from the purchase order, and then adjust it to show the items that have been invoiced under that supplier reference and then repeat this process as other items are delivered and purchase invoices are issued to us.

Similarly, when we invoice a customer with a sales invoice we may have to do similarly. i.e a customer orders 10 widgets from us but we are only able to supply nine. We currently duplicate the sales invoice and manually adjust quantities or line items to show what we have actually delivered.
To add to this, the delivery note facility could also do with the ability to show items that are still to come so that the customer has an accurate record of what they have received. Right now we print off the delivery note and then manually scribble on it with a pen to adjust quantities and/or line items. When we receive a delivery note as part of an incomplete order from other companies it will have all line items and quantities listed but clearly state what’s still to come, backordered, etc.

Sorry for the long post, but I wondered if either I’m missing a feature somewhere or if any of these features might be coming in the future?


If you order 2 or more items on one invoice and one item is out of stock, I would create a created note over the amount of the missing item. When they send you the missing item create a new purchase invoice for that item.
Or do I miss something?
You can do the same for sales invoices.

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