Splitting sales deposit from merchant account

Hi I’m new to quickfile and have been getting on ok, but have a few queries. The main being that we have a merchant acc with barclays that is used through Payzone to take email paylinks and this is our main source of sale records beside direct bank payments.

The payments are deposited in lumps. I have set ‘payzone’ as a merchant account and tagged the sales, but I can’t seem to break that down to individual payments and assign a ‘chart account’ to any of it? so these sales don’t show in the sales report?

I hope I’ve explained that ok, any advice please?

I think this might help you.

Thanks I’ve had a look, but I think this is about tagging @quickfile’ invoices to the payments, unless I misread.

We invoice through ‘Payzone’, so it only shows as a payment in to our bank account which I then tag to the merchant account I’ve created. Can I assign these payments to our different services?

Sounds like you’re on the right path here. I am assuming you will get a lump sum payment transferred to you from Payzone (maybe once per week), this will cover a bunch of different sales you’ve made? What you would do here is tag that on your current account as a transfer to the Payzone merchant account.

Then you need to balance that Payzone transfer to the current account with your sales. Now here you can just post one aggregate sales invoice to a client, say “Payzone Bulk Sales”. Obviously with this approach you’re not differentiating every sale, but you can post multiple lines on that invoice to breakdown the sales to different nominal categories or VATable / non-VATable supplies. You just can’t split to individual customer accounts.

The other more detailed option (if needed) is to export a report from Payzone for all your sales and use this to create all your backing invoices, then pay those directly into the Payzone merchant account. I say if needed as to keep things simple you can just post bulk invoices in QuickFile, particularly if you already have all the detailed invoices in Payzone.

Your Payzone merchant account should always be trending back to zero. I.e. your payouts are offset against your sales income, minus the Payzone fees.

I hope that makes sense!

Thanks for getting back.
Option one dosen’t appear to solve the problem, but I couldn’t find how to (post one aggregate sales invoice to a client, say “Payzone Bulk Sales”) to see how it works out.
The second option is possible and feasably quicker as I can down load diferent csv files of ‘transaction history’, but just tried and the columns are not compatable, it seems. the up load widget dosen’t list ‘payzone’ as a bank.
Although pay zone is just a provider, the merchant id is with Barclays and thats who the payments in are listed from.
is there a standard format for csv columns?

You can always select the “other” option on the bank statement upload screen. This will then prompt you to map 3 columns.

  • Date
  • Description
  • Amount

I think your Payzone exported CSV should have at least this information as a minimum. You can then use individual or bulk tagging options from the bank statement view of your Payzone account to allocate all the entries to their respective clients.

OK done that, didn’t know about ‘other’, but got details up there and assigning each individually, slow but gets the result we wanted. once we catch up over to present date it will be easier. thanks
I presume I can do the same for AirBNB?

You can yes. This is a common bookkeeping method that works whenever you are paid an aggregate sum from a merchant or intermediary.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Hi Mathew, thanks for your help so far.

The airBnB file wouldn’t be accepted, the columns came up and I selected the cloumns, but it wouldn’t accept it no matter how much I stripped it down or saved in other formats. luckily there was only 4 entries this time so learnt to do it maually. but could be a pain when the season picks up, so any other ideas would be welcome.

I’m nearly up and running but have a few queries if you could spare me the time please:

My wife sometimes buys things for the busines using a personal card!! so when we ‘refund’ our account from the business, do we put it as a drawings payment to her or as a purchase to the shop/supplier?

I’m running quickfile dated back to 1st dec as thats when we do our annual accounts for the accountant. To get the ‘bank balance’ correct to date, should I have put in a ‘start amount’ first?

We use pay pal to purchace most things online. do I tag these purchases to paypal or the supplier. I’m thinking maybe i’ve got to use Paypal merchant account like a credit card & upload another file to paypal and tag in paypal account?

Finally we have started using QF as we are close to being VAT registered and want to get used to the software for when we need to reg. will it be a simple thing to switch to and should we be aware of anything now that will be important for when we do?

Hope that make sense, cheers

What is the actual error you receive?

I would enter the receipt as a standard purchase and tag it as paid from Proprietor Drawings (assuming you are sole trader) or Directors Loan Account (if you are limited).

Yes. On the banking details screen there is an option to enter an opening balance there.

Yo could pull in all of the PayPal feeds if you wanted to. I use PayPal for both personal and business and use different cards to pay for things using PayPal so I tend to just ignore the PayPal aspect here as they are just a payment processor and tag purchases as being paid from the drawings or credit card accounts as is relevant.

Hi Lurch, thanks
the airBnB issue i’ve attached screen shots of upload attemptpost%20up-load

would you mind explaining this one a bit more please, because if I tag it as ‘something else’ I can’t seem to tag as from ‘drawings’. if I choose ‘drawing or salary’ I can’t asign it as a purchace?


The CSV file issue is often formatting of cells or unrecognised/invisible characters. I don’t think it’s anything you are doing wrong there but you may need to tweak some of the cell values/properties.

How are you doing it so far? Sounds like you are already importing it on a feed to be able to get to the list of items to tag it to in the first place? If you are tagging from a bank feed then the transaction is tagged as “payment to a supplier” and then tagged to the relevant purchase invoice and the purchase invoice is marked as paid from the drawings account.

@outdoors nothing jumps out at me there in terms of your CSV mapping. I will send you a private message so that you can share the original file with me, I’m sure from there we’ll be able to get it working.

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