Sports Association

Hi there, I’ve used quickfile for my business since I set up. Very good :smile:
I’m involved in a new sports association and want to use Quickfile to keep track of the money.
When setting up, I am asked for business type.
It wouldn’t seem to fit any of the 4 options, but I’m leaning towards charity non-limited, as even though it’s not a charity it would seem closest to our group.
Any guidance please?

Is the company registered at Companies House, I note that your username is RTSLTD so assumed maybe it’s an incorporated company?

If it’s incorporated go with “Limited Company”, in fact there’s no difference at the moment in terms of the system presentation, the charity options are the same as a regular limited company or a partnership if the charity is non-Limited.

HI Glenn - sorry perhaps I was unclear.

RTS LTD is registered ad set up - been going for a couple of years.

However, I’ve just become involved in a voluntary, not for profit sports association. Think of it as an amateur sports club. This is totally separate. I was need to keep a record of incomings and outgoings, such as membership fees coming in and we use Paypal for that through a website.
I could do it on an excel sheet, but the paypal feed in quickfile would make it a lot easier.

Maybe quickfile isn’t the right vehicle for such an organisation?


The fundamentals of accounting are not that different between profitable and non-profitable organisations. You’re basically just tracking your income and expenditure, most of the differences come into play when you calculate the tax at the year end.

We have quite a few small voluntary organisations using QuickFile. If it’s not registered as a charity (with the charities commission) I would just use the partnership model.

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