Square API Feed Errors - Split Payments

Good afternoon,

We moved over to using the Square POS & the QuickFile ‘enhanced’ data feed from November last year and I have spent the last couple of days attempting to reconcile the sales values uploaded via the API, against those shown within Square system.

Now, Squares’ bizarre/maddening online reports behaviour aside (why allow a user to create ‘Custom Reports’ but not export it?!) - I’ve been able to track down what I think are three separate issues relating to the API feed and generating additional/duplicated Sales or only partially processing Sales, thereby under reporting.

Rather than create one long topic I intend to split them out for easier focus & action.

#1 Split Payments

We have a handful of customers whom often want to make a partial payment in cash with the remainder on their card etc.

Square provides for this ‘Split’ and essentially sub-divides the sale into two transactions.


When comparing the Sales data in QuickFile, vs the corresponding entries within Square, there are some instances where they don’t reconcile correctly.

*Note this is following the setup guide, with ‘Automated Tagging Rules’ etc. and is not related to merchant fees etc.


The 1st PDF shows SQ_Sales of £168.00 vs QF_Sales of £108.00 for the same period, clearly under reporting one of the transactions by £60.00

The 2nd PDF is a screenshot from the Square App and shows the detail of this actual sale which was made using a split payment; £80 Card & £60 Cash.

SQ_vs_QF_20052022.pdf (141.9 KB)
SQ_vs_QF_Split Transaction_20052022.pdf (201.1 KB)
(upload://ca4Awt5CBCAYNSrNZkFPhKvehrv.pdf) (141.9 KB)

The cash element of this sale hasn’t been replicated into QF.

Another transaction from 14th May shows SQ_Sales of £85.50 vs QF_Sales of £65.50.
Again a ‘split payment’ on one of the sales showing only partial processing and a deficit of £20.00

SQ_vs_QF_14052022.pdf (152.2 KB)
SQ_vs_QF_Split Transaction_14052022.pdf (212.9 KB)

Action Required:

Hopefully you can see from the examples that these split payments are actually recorded as separate entities/invoices within the Square system and hopefully this means that the data is available to you via the API etc.

Please can you review the overnight data feed scenarios & logs to understand what’s happening to these transactions currently (is QF generating an error for these extra entries or are they simply not being captured?) and what options might be available to resolve for future instances - fingers crossed you can expand the scenario/logic to recognise these as additional items and process them correctly.

Hi @Scruffies

Thanks for reporting this!

Just a(nother) quick post to say that we’ve picked up this issue and investigating these with our development team.

As soon as I have further information, I will update you.

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Hi @Scruffies

Thanks for your patience with this.

The issue here at the moment is that the data Square are returning doesn’t actually include the cash payments where a payment has been split.

However, our development team are going to work on this to import the total amount (so £140.00 would be imported in your case).

I’ll keep you posted on the progress here.

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