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Square & Data Feed Issue

I am the treasurer of a sports club with a bar. I am looking for a way for transactions which are linked to a customer on my Square POS system to show up on my Square Holding Account data feed.

The customer doesn’t pay in store by cash or card and it is placed on their account. I would then like to invoice them through QuickFile monthly with payment through Direct Debit (GoCardless). At the moment, I only seem to get cash or card sales through on my feed. I have tried test transactions using both Cheque and Other Payment Method as payment options on the SquarePOS, but they don’t upload into Quickfile.

Anyone had any luck with this?

Hi @Marc

Can I just confirm that all your sales are going through the Square POS?

For the ones that are, only card and cash are being pulled into your QuickFile account.

Does that sound correct?

Hi Matthew, thanks for the reply.

Yes, that is correct. All my sales are going through the Square POS but only the cash and card ones are being pulled into the QuickFile account.


Hi Mathew, do you have any updates?

Hi Marc,

Apologies in the delay in replying. At the moment only card and cash transactions are supported by the feed

Thanks Beth. Are there any plans to incorporate the other payment methods into the feed?

Hi @Marc

At this time there are no plans

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