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Square Payments

We have also moved over to square for payments it being integrated would be fantastic

Hi all,
I moved this integration request to features so folks can give their vote now in the top left corner of this article. RGCreative you opened this request so I hope the move is ok for you.

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This request isn’t going to get far unless it becomes proactive. Quickfile guys, why don’t you ask all your customers whether the integration would be a good idea for them? I’m sure you’d get an overwhelming YES. Even those asking here haven’t voted for it… because they don’t know they can! Please promote the option to test the response.

In the past year, 75% of my business associates and clients have switched to Square for payment provision. Some of them have done this because whilst GoCardless charges less, it takes ten business days to get paid, whereas SQAURE deposits the money within 24 hours. Small businesses NEED this kind of cashflow even if it does cost a little more.

Looks like they have a good developer platform and clear documentation so that’s always a good start.

How were you envisaging this to work? From what I can gather they provide the terminal for taking the card payments in person, so would the priortity be to have these payments feeding in real time to QuickFile? They appear to have an e-commerce integration too, so it may be possible to embed the Square payment option within the client invoice preview screen.

With each new API we add there’s a long term commitment to maintaining that API through all the version changes. It’s a demand on our resources, so any hesitation on our side really comes down to this point. If it’s a solid platform with great potential (how we feel about GoCardless) then I think there’s a strong case.

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Hi Glenn,
I created a square integration over zapier to quickfile to create invoices and bank account entries. The zap is working okay but the wrong amount is transferred.
I made a test transaction over £1 on my square account:

But Square, I think, transfers the amounts in pence to zapier, in my test case 100:
And the quickfile app in zapier picks this up as £100 and creates an invoice and bank entry over £100.

Is there anything you or I could do to get the right amount (£1)? I asked square but they said that is the way they transfer the data.

Your help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

@rhc we’ve built a direct Square integration and are currently going through the test and deployment phase. While it may be possible to adjust the Zapier handling with some custom rules, I think you’ll find the direct integration to be far more comprehensive. If you’re happy to be part of the beta group we can let you know as soon as this is live?

Hi Glenn,
Thanks for your quick reply. That would be great if you could add me to your test group.
At the moment I use sumup and it is a pain to get all transaction into quickfile. They don’t support zapier or anything else, they also very but in customer support and help. So, I was looking for an alternative and found square. I was testing square in the last couple of month and it looks like they are pretty good.
So, long things short, yes I would be very happy to test square.

1 more thing, I hope that is okay: Over zapier, when a new transaction is send to quickfile it creates an invoice and except the amount everything looks fine. When there is no client so far with that name it creates a new client, but only the name is in the clients account. During the payment transaction the client provides everything important for the client account like address, email, phone and so on and square is sending this information but quickfile does not pick up all the information. As an feature in your new direct integration it would be fab if the client account would be created/filled completely, not only the name. That would me save a lot of time and may other people as well.

Thanks again

I’d like to be part of the beta group please.

Hi @RGCreative

No problem at all. We’ll keep you posted with this, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to accept testers :slight_smile:

Good morning Glenn,
Just to give you a little update: For now I managed to get the pence, send from square, transferred in to Pounds, used in quickfile. I use a integration app in zapier called Formatter. Thanks again for your support and I am looking forward to your very own direct square integration.

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Hi rhc - I am having a similar problem. Until the new integration that Glenn & Co are working on is ready, could you possibly share what you did with Formatter so that I don’t have to manually modify every invoice that comes through my zaps! Thx :slight_smile:

ETA: I figured it out - here’s the screen shots in case anyone else needs to figure this out prior to the new feature being implemented:

Editing to add a final step - on the Quickfile send, change the Total Amount output from Square to the Formatted Amount. Thanks to @rhc for their input on that step.

Then in ‘Send Data’ just test and review / test and continue.


@QFMathew could you possibly add me to the Beta testing group too? Thanks

Hi MoKaPottery
In Zapier, first you activate and fill all the necessary things for square (you probably did already). Then add the Formatter before you add quickfile. If you have quickfile already added, just add Formatter between these two. Open Formatter and select Numbers in the first field, Next field (Transform): Perform Math operation, Next field (Operation): Divide, Next field (Input): Line 1: use the line with the amount in pence (for example someone paid you £30 then it is shown as 3000), Line 2: type the number 100, No need to fill Line 3. Click continue and test it, for the example above it now shows 30. In the quickfile app in zapier use the 30 from the Formatter app to fill the amount field. Done

But keep in mind, if you use 3 step zaps (like this one) you have to pay for zapier.

Thanks for this. I had figured out most of it last night, but was missing the Total Amount Output from Formatting rather than Square. This is now working well.

Thanks also for the headsup about this 3-step Zap being a premium feature. I’ll let it run for my 14 day trial then evaluate whether I want to upgrade on a month to month basis while I wait for the QF integration. It really depends on whether it saves me $24.99 worth of time in 14 days :wink:

We are now in a position to start accepting testers for the Square integration.

If you would like to test this for us, please send your QuickFile account number in a private message to @QFSupport, and we’ll enable this on your account.

Can you please explain for me how I now offer Square as a payment method?

I’ve enabled Square in the Quickfile settings, but I don’t see how the client gets a link in their invoice email to use Square as the payment for an invoice. Do they only see this when they visit their client portal to pay?

That’s correct. In a similar way to how the Stripe option works, they should now see “Square” as a payment option too.

OK, understood. In that case, since I only want Square or Bank Transfer as options, I assume I need to unlink PayPal, and GoCardless in my settings? If I do that, can I still use GoCardless direct debits or will it kill that as well? Because…

What I really need is Square to replace GoCardless regular DDs. I can set up regular monthly payments on Square but then it’s a non-integrated process. I want my Quickfile scheduled invoices to be collected through Square, not manually paid.

You can disable them, but you mention, this will stop the GoCardless direct debits too. You can disable them on a client-by-client, or invoice-by-invoice payment. But by default, if they’re enabled there, it will be presented as a payment option to your clients.

This isn’t something that’s supported at this moment in time I’m afraid.

OK. Is it not supported because it can’t be or because it just hasn’t been done yet?

The reason I want it is that GoCardless payment schedules are to say the least, unpredictable. DD payment for an invoice generated on a Friday before a Bank Holiday can take 12 days to reach the bank (this has happened many times) whilst Square Payments are 48 hours maximum. That’s valuable.

I currently have to keep moving the generation dates of recurring invoices to ensure GoCardless payments reach me within the terms I offer to clients.

If I want my payments in quickly I have to disable GoCardless, but then I have to either (a) wait unpredictable periods for clients to pay manually even though I have stored card details on Square, or (b) do them myself by creating manual payments on Square as I do now… which means the integration so far isn’t giving me anything I didn’t already have. In fact, by offering Square I’m incurring higher charges per transaction because at the moment they use bank transfer - but then I don’t KNOW they’ve paid so I still have a manual reconciliation process to do which is as time consuming as doing Square invoices!

I’m sort of stuck between two stools. Either put up with GoCardless’ random payment schedule, or put up with creating duplicate invoices on Square. We’re halfway to Nirvana - which might not exist if the integration of scheduled invoice payment isn’t going to happen. :thinking: