SSL Issue - Setup Direct Debit

Hi there,

We’ve had a message form a customer who’s reported that upon clicking the green ‘Setup new direct debit’ button in the automated email from QF, she received a warning saying ‘you’re being redirected to an insecure site’.

I’ve asked her to forward the email and the link behind the button appears to direct to QF initially with a GoCardless token on the end, this almost instantly redirects to GoCardless.

Any ideas what may have caused this? Obviously keen to avoid this happening again in future given it’s a bit off putting for customers to then enter their payment details.

Many thanks,


Hi @Oliver_Nash

Really sorry to hear about this. Not sure what’s happened there!

Do you know where they’re seeing this error exactly?

Hi @QFMathew,

I believe it was in the web browser. I’ve since clicked through (I asked the user to forward me the email they received) and it appears to work fine. So I’m just wondering whether there just happened to be some sort of SSL blip at the moment the user went to fill out the mandate.

Hi @Oliver_Nash

Quite possible! But as long as it’s all working OK now, that’s the main.

If you do experience any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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