Standard Nominal codes rename

There are a bunch of fixed nominal codes and the naming is posing an issue. I understand the merit for having default ones but it would be useful if there was the ability to add a friendly name or the nominal ledger category in brackets

For example nominal codes
5100 - Carriage
7501 - Postage Carriage

We have been spending alot more time on our account recently and working on integration via the API.
We have noticed alot of 5100 entries are going through 7501 in error. Almost all of our Carriage charges are buying goods for our client.

The issue is that the names are not always great when creating invoices and purchases the dropdown list to select the nominal code would be clearer if you could override the description
5100 - Carriage for client purchases
7501 - Postage Carriage (Business Needs)

5100 - Carriage - (Purchases)
7501 - Postage Carriage (Overheads)

there are several other nominal codes that cause us similar issues.

You can bulk move nominal codes for lots of entries for correct it and moving on correct Api, 5 series are for direct cost , 7 series is for indirect expenses

I know we pass journal entries I am trying to prevent the incorrect tagging in the 1st place not clean up after!

You need to make sure correct codes are used under API, it should not tag to mere description like Xero and QB do.

Cleanup does not need journals unless period is locked

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