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I paid the £18 to quickfile so that my accounts were linked. Quickfile have taken the money from my account but annoyingly, Starling is not supported. This was not made clear. How do I obtain a refund?

Hi @HopefieldsEducation

Starling Bank is supported, but it isn’t part of Open Banking as it works in a slightly different way.

Please see this guide in our knowledge base for further information: Starling Bank Feed

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply, I appreciate that, thank you, but it isn’t supported as to how I thought it would be and what I thought it was as other banks were. How do I go about obtaining a refund?

The feed for Starling is actually probably more enhanced than the other feeds as it pulls in some transactions as they happen.

Is there anything in particular you feel is missing compared to the other feeds?

@HopefieldsEducation I’ve used the starling feed for a few months. I find it better than my Barclaycard feed which uses open banking. All the direct debits and payments in are instant. Its just card payments that are delayed but i think thats down to the way banking works rather than Quickfile or starling

I have Starling, Monzo and Revolut Quickfile connections across my two businesses and Starling is definitely the best implementation. It is real time 24/7 just like the notifications on your phone. As a landlord I get my incoming rent posted in my accounts as soon as it happens. With Monzo and Revolut I get a refresh once a day. All the normal Open Banking feeds work like this apart from Starling. It is true that you can manually refresh an Open Banking feed any time you want, but that’s like ringing the book shop several times a day to see if the book you ordered has arrived. My view: the Starling feed is far superior.

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