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Starling Bank disappeared?!

Starling Bank automatic feed disappeared as of 28/10.
It no longer appears on drop down list of banks.
How can I put right as this is main bank feed for the business?

It is still showing on my side. You have to connect/activate the feed from the starling bank account within quickfile. Do not use the open banking option, that is different and starling is not listed there.
Go to your starling account in quickfile and click “Option” and “Setup direct feed”
Hope this helps

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I appreciate how Starling should be set up but why, after almost 2 years without issue, would the link suddenly disappear?

Hi @Jakethegrey

It shouldn’t suddenly dissapear. Your feed may have become unlinked if you hadn’t seen the notification in your app to renew consent

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Well, I’m pretty sure that my daughter had responded on the app but she’s now disconnected and reconnected the feed. Hopefully, the missing days will come through.

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