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Starling Bank Feed Duplicating Transactions


Just like it says in title, I am getting duplicate transactions coming in from the Starling feed. It is like it is pulling in the first transaction from the upcoming payments (not a full description), then on the day the transaction debits the account it is pulling in the transaction with a full description - I have noticed this particularly on debits from Amazon, Microsoft and HP Instant Ink.

Eg a transaction hits the account for £7.99 with the Description of “Microsoft”, and the next day it hits again with the description of “Microsoft Microsoft*Microsoft 36 Reading GBR”

It means I am having to go through and delete transactions most days in order to keep the account balanced.

There are no additional feed settings. Is this something that needs to be looked at regarding the webhooks?

Many thanks in Advance


I’m not seeing any problems myself. Are they all card transactions?

Yes they are all card transactions. Although I also seem to be having an issue that now QF is not recognising matching transactions when I have transferred money between accounts (eg starling to PayPal). Not had either of these issues before on the other 2 sets of accounts I run.

Hi @Lou_Moore,

If you’d like to send a private message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and some screenshots showing the duplicates then we can investigate this further for you

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