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Starling bank feed has expired - How do I renew it?


it seems my starling business bank feed has expired and i cant figure out how to re activate it?
if i go to the bank feed settings it says

This bank feed is not currently active because your account access has been deactivated.
Please re-connect your Starling bank account.

i then have the cross to delete the bank account,

in the account selection below this it has bank accounts with a blank box and a back button.

Please dont tell me that i have to delete all my transactions, or setup a new one and have two sections of banks for this account?

Hi @adnw

You may nee to remove the feed completely and re-add it. This won’t result in your existing transactions being deleted - they’re independent of the feed.

With the Starling feed, you should have received a notification from them in their app a few days before the feed expires. I’m not 100% certain, but once I expires, you may need to start it as if it was brand new. However, their support team may be able to clarify that one.

can you tell me how to remove the feed and add a new one in your system without removing any of my transactions.

i cant do it through starling, quickfile does not shop up in there any more to renew.

yes i received a notice a few days before, however its now expired.

If you view the bank statement page, go to More Options >> Bank Feed Settings, and click Delete this bank feed

thanks, will try later.
after deleted, do i just simply do the same and choose to add one?

Yes, spot on. Instead of seeing “Bank Feed Settings”, you’ll see an option to activate the feed instead.

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