Starling Bank Feed MisMatches

My Starling bank feed lapsed (not sure how but it did) I’ve just reconnected it and I’m trying to patch it up using a print off statement - but even from when it was connected, it doesn’t look anything like! There are transactions mis-matched all over the place :frowning_woman:
How can I get it right or do I have to go through deleting and re entering the whole thing?

If you go the way to delete everything, then you can download a bank statement as a CSV file from Starling and upload it to quickfile. That would save you entering everything manually.

Hi @chestnutscsa

The feed authorisation is only valid for 90 days. With Starling, you should receive a notification through to your phone when this is due to expire. If this wasn’t the case, it may be worth querying it with Starling directly (they control these).

Regarding your balance, you’re on the right tracks by using a statement, as this is what the feed matches (rather than the transaction list).

Importing a CSV as @rhc is the quickest and easiest way to add these to your account.

Reconsolidation is the best way to approach mismatched transactions and balances. You can find the recon tool by going to More Options >> Reconciliation

Let us know how you get on. If needed, we may be able to try and import some missing transactions for you on our end.

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The transactions might not match exactly but the main thing is the balance. If that is incorrect then there is obviously some issue but if the balance matches then the transactions are likely just not aligned the same on both sides.

I suppose it depends what you mean by mis-matched?

I have had the same issue but when I try to reconnect the bank feed from starling the drop down menu does not list any bank accounts let alone the starling account so I cannot re connect the feed. I really don’t want to cancel the bank account and import it all from a statement again. Any ideas? It does seem a bit extreme to have to start from scratch…


Hi @vicihemming,

I will send you a private message to get some more information from you so that we can take a look at your account and help you to resolve the issue

thanks but I am not vici hemming, she was just commenting

Hi @chestnutscsa,

That user commented on your post as their query was similar but also different which was why it was taken private, the issue you were having should be resolved by you following the advice given in the previous posts. If you are still having problems please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can look into it further with you

@QFBeth: There’s definitely an issue with refreshing the Starling feed and as I recall the instructions they link to are wrong (or at least misleading) for QuickFile (is there something different about QuickFile?). They direct the user to a menu entry that doesn’t exist and the last few times I’ve refreshed the feed the only solution I found was to delete and recreate the feed.

I’ll make a mental note to screengrab the process next time although that won’t be until March, but maybe someone else could confirm this?

Hi @JohnJ

Can you just clarify what instructions you are referring to please? If it’s anything on our side, we can certainly review these.

The Starling feed is different to the other Open Banking feeds we offer, mainly due to the way it links up and how it works on Starling’s side of things. But we’re happy to review or answer any questions/queries you have.

When it’s due for renewal I get an email as below, but QuickFile doesn’t appear in the Marketplace / Connected Services as they suggest it should. I’m afraid I’m doing this from memory and though it was only a few weeks ago the only thing I’m certain of (other than death and taxes obviously) is that following their instructions didn’t work but I’ll screenshot it from the outset next time.


Hi John, it’s time to renew your Connected Services

Your Business account is currently connected to:

  • QuickFile Sync

We need you to confirm you are happy to continue sharing your data with these services in the next 9 days if you would like to continue using them. You can do this by following the steps below:

Open the Starling app

Open the Starling app on your phone and head to the Marketplace section.

Visit connected services

Tap on the warning message at the top of your Marketplace screen to see all your active integrations that need to be reviewed.

Review your services

Choose which services you’d like to renew and tap Confirm when you’re done.

Isn’t the the email from Starling, so it would be them you’d need to raised this issue with?

I think the renewing of bank feeds is a bit of a black box to most people but I’m raising it as a pointer to why people have trouble renewing the Starling feed.