Starling bank feed Transfers

I have the starling bank feed set up for my business account. I have noticed that if I transfer funds between my starling accounts, these are not reflected in the bank feed?

Hi @jamkat28

Am I right in thinking you selected the account from the payee screen, rather than having the other account setup as a payee?

I’m not sure what you mean. I only have one account in Quickfile. However I have two or more account at Starling. If I transfer funds between my business account and personal Starling account the withdrawl from the Starling business account is not showing Quickfile.

Sorry - on Starling, you have the option to pay a payee, or at the top (on Android - not sure about iOS) you can select another one of your accounts to pay without creating them as a payee.

If you select the account, Starling doesn’t notify us of the payment. This should however should show up the following day, as we check overnight for anything that may be missing.

If you pay them as a payee, this will be instant.

Got it! I now understand. I have not been using the payee, so that may explain it. I’ll try it that way next time or as you suggest wait 24 hours for it to ‘correct’.


No problem! Did you make a transfer today that hasn’t shown? I just want to check back in with you to make sure this shows up tomorrow.

No, but I will do to see what happens. I’ll make two. One via account and one via payee.

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Is there any likelihood of being able to represent Starling spaces or goals as separate accounts? As my company’s outgoings are relatively low I currently move the VAT and CT elements of all payments received to two separate deposit accounts with NatWest until they’re due so I know the commitments are covered. With separate NatWest accounts I can see that in QF, but with Starling this is done with savings or goals which at present aren’t shown separately in QF.

Hi @JohnJ

Not at this stage I’m afraid. With Starling, the goals are treated as part of the same bank account, just “ring fenced”. Your actual balance still includes your goals, even though in app they are seen as separate.

So I can confirm that the transfer made using payee has shown up in the bank feed. I’ll see if tomorrow the other transfer shows up.

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Hi @jamkat28

Just wanted to check in to make sure that the other transfer has shown up overnight?

Thanks for checking. No, the account transfer has not shown up?

I’ll send you a private message now to get some details and take a look for you.

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