Starling Bank Missing Transactions Multiple 2nd time this has happened

this is the 2nd time this has happened.
ive reported this before and you said it had been fixed.

i have multiple transactions missing from my starling bank feed.
these are multiple debit card transactions of payments out and refund back onto the card.
they are not on my live feed.

i have a screenshot available which i can send private.

this is extremely annoying.
i have reported missing transactions from starling on another occasion and missing transactions from natwest.

If they’re card transactions they won’t show until they are cleared. I seen somewhere else that if they show as pending on the starling app they won’t be imported until they settle. May be worth checking that first. I’ve had no issues with my starling feed

yes i understand this. its the cleared transactions im talking about.
some are older from a month ago

Hi @adnw

You’re welcome to send screenshots or other private data in a private message to @QFSupport and we can look into this for you.

Is there a pattern with the transactions at all? For example, are they a certain type of transaction (card payment, internal transfer, movement to a goal, etc.)?

i have just reported starling missing transactions on one of my quickfile accounts.
i checked another quickfile and there are missing transactions totalling quote a lot.

this is another issue with quickfile on a different quickfile account.

if im having this issue with multiple quickfile accounts there must be lots of people with errors.

i have downloaded my transactions which i can give to you

Don’t think we need two posts on the same thing but see my reply to the other one about pending transactions

two totally different quickfile account, not related to each other at all.
i just posted under my one username

I’ve merged your two threads together as they both relate to missing transactions with Starling.

As mentioned above, you’re welcome to send any specific details in a private message and either myself or a colleague will take a look into this for you.

Ive sent a pm with files i think.

The transactions are mixed.
Card payments.
Refunds to card.
Bank transfer received.

I have also problem with missing transaction between starling business account and quickfile. They are from the same company one dated 26/4/2021 and one 30/04/2021.
Neither appears in quickfile, but other transactions do. I checked the log and latest sync was this morning.

Hi @Marian_Scigulinsky

What type of transactions are they? E.g. are they faster payments, card transaction, etc.? If you’re unsure, it should say in the Starling app.

@adnw - Thanks for the PM. We’ll review this shortly.

Starling info state Settled payment received.
It would be a bank transfer from my customer.
If it helps and you have access to my quickfile account a same type payment, from the same account was received on 19/04/2021 and it is showing in my Quickfile.

Hi @Marian_Scigulinsky

I’ve just sent you a private message in regards to this issue. Hopefully we’ll be able to find a resolution for you soon.

ive not received a pm or a reply to the pm i sent to support with attached spreadsheets?

Hi @adnw

Sorry for the delay with this, I have now responded to you privately. Hopefully we will be able to resolve this for you shortly.

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