Starling Bank - Missing Transactions

Is there or could there be a way to ‘back-fill’ the Starling feed as there is with other banks? I’m seeing some strangeness with Starling today. On Saturday I filed my confirmation statement and paid the £13 with my Starling card and that instantly appeared in the app but not in QF. No problem, I thought, maybe it’ll only update on a working day. Come Monday (yesterday) there was nothing showing but I was patient. This morning a standing order dated today appeared but still no card payment from Saturday, so I went into the bank feed option to see if I could force a refresh to get lots of red text telling me the feed has expired and needed to be reauthorized (although I may have remembered that wrongly and I didn’t take a screengrab, but there ). So I removed the feed and connected again, all smoothly, but still no card transaction from Saturday.

Is there any way to force a refresh or do I have to resort to manual export and import? The real-time feed is very nice but really little more than a gimmick relative to automatically maintaining a full and accurate copy of the statement.

Hi @JohnJ

Just to clarify here that the “real time” view is only for settled transactions, such as faster payments. Anything like card payments which clear after a few days will show up when they settle which would match the Starling Bank statements.

The feed does need to be reauthorised once every 90 days. This was following a change a while back and in-line with Open Banking (Starling sent an email out about this change).

Just to touch on this point following the above, does this particular card transaction show as “Pending” in the Starling app when you view it?

Thanks. It’s not showing as ‘Pending’ but it could be that it had changed status earlier in the day and possibly QF missed that when the feed decided it was no longer valid? I’ll keep an eye next time I use the card (which isn’t often).

I guess it was just coincidence that the feed needed reauthorising after downloading one transaction earlier today. The requirement is itself understandable, but I’m puzzled that it should silently stop, and that it requires deleting the feed and re-connecting. Don’t feeds usually show a warning as the date approaches and allow reauthorising in a single operation?

Is Starling the only feed that’s a bit ‘special’ in this respect? :slight_smile:

Hi @JohnJ

If it changes during the day, it should be picked up overnight. Is this the case in this instance?

They should, yes. On the list of bank accounts, you should see a blue “Bank Feed” label where it’s all OK, red if it’s expired, or I believe it’s orange if it’s due to expire.

I know with Open Banking we send an email notifying the user of this too, but not sure if this is the case with Starling, but will check and make a recommendation to add this if we don’t already.

Starling does work a bit differently to the other bank feeds. For a start, Starling isn’t a typical Open Banking feed. Starling also notifies us of new transactions (pending or otherwise), whereas the other banks don’t.

So it is a bit special, but overall the transactions should match your statement, as it would with any other bank.

I think the cause of this has presented itself. The day after the problem I received an email from Starling saying that I hadn’t reauthenticated as they’d recommended in an email in December (which I confess I dismissed as part of a flurry of emails from them about partnering with other online accounting services etc.) and that if I didn’t within the next 24 hours my feed would be disabled. As it had been and I’d just done so I ignored this and that card payment appeared in QF overnight.

So it rather looks as if Starling’s emails are lagging behind reality by about 24 hours. :slight_smile:

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