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Starling Feeds - transaction hasn't appeared after an hour

How long does it normally take for changes in the accounts to show up in QF?

For Starling Bank usually a few minutes.

It’s been nearly an hour now? I did a transfer between 2 accounts, so assume that should still come through like any other transactions?

Actual different accounts or just “goals” within the same Starling account?

Different accounts. Business to personal.

Over 3 hours now and still nothing come through.

Received a BACS transfer about an hour ago, and that is not showing up either?

@Ian_Wilmshurst - there are 2 parts to the Starling feed.

  1. Starling well notify us of a new transaction and we’ll import it there and then unless it’s a card transaction

  2. Anything that Starling did not notify us about will be imported overnight providing it as cleared and isn’t pending.

Starling will tell us about most transactions, but there is an issue with some inter-account transfers. If you tap the icon of another account, they won’t notify us. If however the other account is a payee, we will be notified. This is an issue Starling were made aware of several months ago, and hasn’t yet been resolved. But these are picked up overnight.

With the BACS transaction, I can’t explain that. Although I have seen it where Starling either delays telling us, or they simply don’t. But this will be picked up overnight.

It’s also worth noting that there was a small issue identified which was fixed this afternoon. If you had 2 or more Starling accounts enabled, it may be that one of them has become deactivated. Relinking this should resolve the issue.

Will check it in the morning and see if they come through.

Hi, you need to setup your payee account even if it is yourself as an external payee. Starling will not feed to QF what they see as internal transactions.

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