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I’m unsure about using the End of Year Tool.
I still have entries that need to be put into the year I need to do the year end for, and I’m needing to start entering items for our new year.

  1. If I use the End of Year tool, will I still be able to enter items in for that year?
  2. Will I be able to enter items for the New Year without affecting old year figures? I do understand that Payments to suppliers will reduce Creditor Balance from previous year.
    Many thanks

Hi @mesholmes1956,

You can still enter figures into the new year and then once all the figures for the previous year are in you can run the year end tool. The problem with running year end before you have finished adding everything is that it locks the transactions so you wouldn’t be able to make any adjustments to those transactions.

Hope this helps

Thanks Beth
Just so much to get to grips with at times… but I’ll get there!!
Kind regards

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