Starting a fresh set of accounts

Hi, My accounts are a total mess, with weeks worth of reconciling to do. I have go cardless linked and DDs working great so I dont want to have to set that all up again. What I want to do is:

Migrate all customers and recurring invoices,
Migrate all the go cardless settings
Migrate the Bank feed settings
I need a clean book so customers have 0 balance on their books
When a customer pays for an invoice on the old books I can reconcile it on there

The goal is to start the books with a zero balance and get my accountant to manage it so it balances.

Does the above seem feasible or is there a better way to do it?

Thanks in advance


Hello @Lee_Taylor

If you are wanting to restart, there is no way to migrate over existing recurring invoices.

You can delete your account or clear off all transactions from the account settings area once logged in. Please look for the “Clear all data in your account” option.

We’ve got some more detailed instructions here:

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