Statement and Archived items

Hi Can you let me have the snippet that would prevent archived invoices appearing on the statement, when you use the hide button they don’t appear in the body but are still showing on the overdue analysis bar.

Thanks for any help


Hi @Patluke

I’ve removed the attachment from your post due to the nature of it’s content.

As far as I can see however, the values all add up there? Was there a particular figure you were querying?

Yes, whilst the bar does add up, the two items showing as very overdue are cancelling each other and are archived. So really should not be showing on the statement. Surely archived items should not be included on statements in any case.

Archived items are only for display purposes (e.g. they don’t show in your overall invoice management screen). They don’t affect anything like statements, profit and loss or balance sheet reports.


Yes, I appreciate what you are saying but on the statement I uploaded
both an invoice and credit note which are archived appeared in the
analysis at the bottom. What I would like is a line in the statement css
that says if the item is archived do not include. Similar to the hide
button at the top but referring to the analysis bar at the bottom.


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