Statement customisation text position


When sending customer statements a clients address covers the statement writing at the top.

Is there a way to move the client address down slightly on the page so this isn’t the case.

Been playing around with the CSS but haven’t got a very good knowledge of this.

Many thank, Kevin.

Hi @kevinb

You should be able to add some CSS to the advanced editor.

Do you have a Power User Subscription on the account? If so, if you would like to provide me with the last 3 digits of the account number (found in the top right when you’re logged in), I’ll take a quick look and see if I can tweak this for you.

Also, can I check - is it just client statements you are looking to amend?

The last 3 digits are 796. it is a power user subscription. It is just the client statements.

Thanks! I’ve just made a small change by adding this to your CSS:

.senderAddressDetails {
    margin-top: 30px;

This has pushed both the sender and client addresses down below the ‘Statement’ text at the top. Can you take a quick look and let me know if that’s all OK please?

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