Statement does not show the overdue invoices!


Can anyone tell me if there is a limit on how many entries can appear on a customer statement?? We have a large client who has invoices due on a 60 day basis. However, when producing the statement to send to the finance department, the statement will only show all the outstanding invoices dated since 29/10/2020 and there are around 100 of them. There are around 30 other invoices dated prior to 29/10/2020 but none of them are appearing on the statement. They are showing as overdue on the debtors aged report but I cannot get them to show on a statement at all!! This is very concerning, I have checked other customer accounts and the overdue ones are showing on the statement - so I can only assue there is some sort of limit on how many can show on a statement?? Any ideas anyone please?

Hi kimmy1307,
I have to say I don’t know is there a limit.
But did you may set a date range at the top of the statement page?

… or in the “Set Defaults” settings

I have tried both of these, usually the client period is set to 30 days rolling but no matter where I try and change this or set it to a defined period that would cover the overdue invoices not showing - nothing earlier than invoices dated 29th October will show on the statement. On Monday, the statement showed everything from 26th October so it seems that there is a limit based on either date limit or number of invoice limit which is absolutely not helpful on such a large client. No other customer account reflects this issue but neither do they have anywhere near the amount of invoices for this particular customer :frowning:

Yes, it looks like there is a kind of limit. I think you have to wait until tomorrow, when the support team is back. Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful.

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No worries, thanks for trying. A limit on number of entries on a statement is a bit ridiculous but hopefully this is something that can be changed, otherwise there is no suitably professional way for us to chase settlement on this account, screen prints of their ledger is not really an acceptable solution :frowning:

Hi @kimmy1307,

There shouldn’t be any limits on the number of overdue invoices showing on a statement. I will send you a private message now to get some more details from you so that we can check your account.

Please look out for the notification in the top right :slight_smile:

Hi Beth, have you had any luck trying to solve this issue please? We desperately need to get a statement out to this client which reflects what is overdue? Many thanks for your urgent reply, regards Kim

Hi @kimmy1307

I’ve just checked in on this. There was a limit of 150 invoices on the statement which is what caused some of the others to be hidden.

We have increased this limit, but it’s waiting to be made live. This should be done with our next update, but I can’t confirm when this will take place unfortunately.

As soon as it’s live though, we’ll let you know.

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Hi Matthew

Thank you for confirming my suspicion however, can you give me any sort of timeline as to when the limit will be lifted?? This is our largest client and it is essential that we are able to send a comprehensive statement in order that we can get settlements in time and correctly pursue overdue invoices in a timely fashion? If you cannot advise of when an update is possible, please could you advise of a reasonable work around for this – I wouldn’t have expected a limitation on amount of entries for this to be too difficult to amend?

Many thanks



Hi @kimmy1307

You’re correct in that it’s not too difficult, but we release several releases at once, some of which are still being worked on.

I would expect a release tomorrow morning, but I will confirm as soon as I’ve been made aware of this.

Oh that’s great Mathew I thought you were intimating weeks. Next couple of days would be super :+1:

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Morning @kimmy1307

I believe an update has gone live which should fix this for you.

Would you mind checking and letting us know, please?

Hi Mathew

Yes, it’s much better however, there are still 14 overdue invoices that are missing so for us, on this particular client, whatever the new limiter is, it is still not sufficient. On another point, I don’t understand why when I try to use the custom date range (which could have been a workaround) it has no bearing for what is produced. I would have expected that if I put a defined range in of say 01/10 to 30/11/2020 then a statement could have been produced that only included invoices issued between those dates? Sadly, even if I try that, the system still shows all invoices (other than those oldest ones as above) right up to date??

Let me know if anything further can be done please or how I can get the statement to generate only invoices produced up to an actual date (eg. If that was end of Nov, now the new limiter would allow everything to be on the statement up to end of NOV)>

Many thanks for the help with this.



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Hi @kimmy1307

The new limit was increased by 100 invoices, so this should be more than sufficient in your case.

I will however refer back to the private message and get some details from you regarding the missing invoices.

Regarding the date range, this is adhered to for paid invoices. The statement will always show all outstanding invoices, regardless of the date.

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