Statement of accounts

My customer has asked that I provide them with a statement of accounts until the end of July.
When I go into their account and select the statement option, it does not seem to matter what options I chose, it is the same statement that is shown.

For example, If I chose this year, it shows everything as expected, Last month also shows everything as does this month
I tried entering a custom date range and again it gives me everything.
The statement include invoices issues this month which my customer does not want.

Is there an issue with the system? Or am i doing something wrong?

Would you by any chance have all 3 tick boxes checked? I think it does this by default, but the label is “hide items”. Bit counter-intuitive, but just untick all 3 boxes.

@Lurch thank you for your reply,

However, the hide items part is fine, I want those items hidden.

The issue I am having is that no matter what date range I chose, I get shown the exact same statement.

For example, If I chose dates for the 2019 calander year where there are no out standing payments, I would expect to see a blank statement.
However, I get shown a statement which includes all of this years outstanding invoices.

Invoices created, will always show, regardless of date, I’ve just check mine, july invoices show on a April only statement.

Payments will only show as per date range.

Also, make sure you press refresh once you change the dates.

@Eddie_B, cheers for that. clearly Im an amateur lol. I was thinking that it should hide invoices outside the specified date range

It is strange, I agree, an April statement, for example, shouldn’t show July and August invoices.

But i do like the fact that an August statement shows outstanding May, June, July, etc invoices, as this shows the detail relating to the outstanding balance, rather then a figure only.

I tend to send my last months statement on the 2nd of each month, so a July statement goes on the 2nd of August, and so on, monthly.

This gives me time to enter payments received from my bank feeds, which is a day in arrears, hence last day of the month shows the 1st of the following.

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