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Statements - add notes to explain payments


Would it be possible to create an option to write notes on the customer statement, similar to the option there is on an invoice?

It would help if there had been under/over payments allocated to invoices to explain these to the customer?


Hi @northallertonglass

We can certainly consider this, however I’m not sure how this would work as statements can be automatically issued. If that’s the case, there isn’t an opportunity to add notes.

We have recently added notes for the statement footer but this would be fixed across all statements, rather than set up individually.

We’ll leave this thread open, and if there is enough interest then we can certainly explore this further.


Thank you,

I have just seen the new feature which is great for bank details etc,

The notes for individual statement would be good if you needed to write on some extra details for that specific client explaining complicated payment allocations as such.

I would go in and add them as i needed too similar to the way you can when you can customise the invoice? Maybe its not as simple to do as I may think.

Something to consider as I think it would be great feature.

Thanks for your speedy response :slight_smile:


is it no good to add the note to the email that goes with the statment ?


The ones that do get emailed I do, do that,

A lot of ours are sent out in the post though so would be easier then remembering to write them on at the end of the month.



I just wanted to let you know that this is something we are considering at the moment. I can’t promise it will be implemented but we will review this in the next week. I will keep you posted.


Thank you thats great :slight_smile:



You can now add inline notes to items on your client statement. Simply click the corresponding pencil icon on the line where you would like to append a note and a yellow box will appear where you can add your own custom text.


Hope that helps!


This is a great :smile:
Thank you so much for your quick turn around for the feature too.