Step by step help: I can't figure out Journals

I did post this 9 days ago and someone very kindly responded but i had to go away unexpectedly and have only just returned to find the topic closed - and I still don’t understand!

I have been marking stock for my bar as ‘stock’ but I understand that this needs to be marked as
‘general purchase’ so it doesn’t show as an asset, it’s been sold after all.

I think i’m correct in saying that I need to use a journal to bulk transfer these to the correct category.
I tried to do it, and it says it was a sucess but when I look at my reports, the amount still shows up in 'stock; and none of the figures have changed accordingly - what am I doing wrong?

here is a screen grab

If someone could explain how to do it in reall simple step by step terms that would be an amazing help.

Thank you

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Which report are you looking at? I can see the date on that journal is 10/04/2014 however are you querying the report inclusive of that particular date?

Hi Glenn,

I’m looking at the chart of accounts section and under assets & liabilities. Even if i include the date i did the journal it still shows under stock - presumably I’m doing something wrong?

Maybe there is a different way to achieve a solution?

Basically I have been tagging bar stock (which I sell so no longer have) as ‘Stock’. Apparently this should be ‘General Purchase’ so it shows as an expense in my end of year accounts. I just want a simple way to untag the ‘stock’ and re-tag as ‘general purchase’. Is there a simple way to do this without doing each entry manually?

perhaps Journals aren’t the way?


Journals are the way to go, unless you only don’t mind changing them all manually…It really depends on how many wrongly tagged items you have.

It looks however like you’ve got your journal the wrong way around.

You need to Credit Stock and Debit General Purchases.

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