Steps to pay supplier invoice

Hi, I am new to QuickFile and have a number of supplier invoices (initial company setup costs) that I need to pay, but I cannot find any clear instructions on the steps to take to pay them. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction - Thanks

Hello @GMT

There are a few ways to pay supplier invoices.

You can do it as you are entering them using the payment options at the bottom of the invoice entry screen.

You can view the invoice and click Log Payment at the top



There are other ways to do this such as Bank Tagging and Uploading your receipts if you have not entered your invoices yet.

Many thanks Steve,

Does QuickFile then pay the supplier automatically or do you have to do a manual bacs transfer and then take it to the invoice.

Hello @GMT

QuickFile is software to record your accounting activities. It does not make external payments this would need to be done via other means such as a bank transfer.

As I mentioned you can record your accounts retrospectively.

For example you can pay your suppliers, record income on your bank then import statements or use a bank feed to pull in the transactions the tag them to create your invoices.

This may help with the process.


Just thought I would add that some banks offer file upload facilities (such as Virgin Money/Clydesdale as-was, and Santander I believe) and you can use the “Export batch payment list” facility within Quickfile.

However, you would need to format this in a way that your bank likes it.

I am looking into a couple of little projects at the moment using QuickFile’s functionality and something like that is quite easy to create a function for.

Hello @tomhorton

You can export a > batch payment list from the Reports > Show all Reports > Other screen in 2 formats. It is more than likely you would have to adjust if for the banks format requirement

It’s great that it is also in the “More Options” menu on the “Show all purchases” screen too.

Great idea :+1:

Thanks Both for taking the time to reply! :grinning:

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