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Sterling Invoice paid In euros

I have an invoice that has been raised in sterling, but the customer has paid in euros.

When tagging from the bank it obviously doesn’t bring the invoice up to allocate against it, However when I try and update as paid from within the sales invoice I only have the option to do this in pounds.

Is there any way to do this?

So you’ve received an amount in sterling into your bank account that doesn’t match the invoice total but you want to mark the invoice as paid in full and take the hit for the exchange rate? You’ll probably have to bridge through another bank account in QuickFile (which could be drawings or director loan if you don’t want to create one specially):

  • tag the money you actually received as a transfer from the bridging bank account
  • work out the difference between what you received and what you are owed, manually add a “money out” for this amount to the bridging account and tag it to currency charges via “something not on the list”
  • now log full payment on the invoice into the bridging account

The net balance change on the bridging account should end up as zero.

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