Still no wiser re CIS

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Hi, I have waded through the forum threads suggested but am non the wiser as to what the procedure should be in my case.


We don’t officially support CIS at this stage, the only thing we have is a workaround. What part of it do you not understand? If you can be more specific then there’s a greater chance someone will be able to help you.

Apologies Joe. I am employing sub contractors and am a ltd company. The example you have given is for a sole trader acting as a sub contractor for someone else i.e. having CIS deducted from him, as opposed to deducting it from another. Does that make sense?

Joe posted that workaround a few years back. I myself am not an accountant so I’m afraid I won’t be able to advise here.

I will however leave the post open for others to comment, but I’m afraid as we don’t officially yet support CIS there may not be a practical solution here.

What I do is as follows:

I have created a new bank account called CIS
When I pay a subcontractor I pay the materials and labour amount from my current account and the 20% tax amount from the CIS bank account as a cash transaction.
When I pay the CIS to HMRC I pay it from my current account then tag it using ‘Bank transfer between accounts’ to the CIS account.

My accountant is happy with this solution.