Stock Control Software Suggestions?

Hello its Donducé, does anyone know of a good stock control app that would link to quickfile please? We run an Alpaca business and it would be handy for our shop. Its all done manually at present. Thanks, Donducé

Not just stock control, but I have been using as the EPOS in my shop for several years now and it has good stock control facilities (as long as you’re consistent about entering all your deliveries - obviously any stock control system is only as good as the data you put into it). It doesn’t exactly integrate natively with QuickFile but the Z readings it gives you map straightforwardly to the cash register tool in QuickFile.

Hello Ian, ok, I will try that, thanks.

Hello Ian, I love airpointof sale; I am using it on line, and have also downloaded the app. Two questions for you; firstly, I cannot update new products on stock control without using the on line version, and secondly, I cannot find any map in the z readings that will take me to the cash register in quickfile. Please could i ask you for assistance, and apart from that, a brilliant tool. Our shop is going to benefit so much. Thanks. Look forward to your reply. Cheers, Donducé

Adding deliveries does indeed have to be done through the backoffice web pages rather than the EPOS app, but of course you can easily log in to the backoffice with a browser on the same tablet you use for the app. And if you use a barcode scanner you can enter your deliveries by scanning barcodes rather than having to search by name.

I am a programmer by trade (it’s mainly my wife who actually runs the shop) so I’ve written my own small bits of software to automate the pulling of sales from AirPOS into QuickFile, but it should be straightforward to do by hand with the QuickFile cash register tool - each Z read in AirPOS becomes one row in the tool and you just have to enter the cash total, card total and VAT (if you’re VAT registered).

If you’ve been using a retail VAT scheme you won’t need that any more as AirPOS calculates the VAT to the line level on every transaction.

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Hi, thanks for all that info. All up and running now, thanks. My next question is that I have my office computer with software on it; and a card machine which is linked to the internet for shop card payments. How do I link the card machine so that airpos itemises customer receipts. I am going to have to phone the card terminal people I think. Any ideas please? Sorry, thanks, Donducé

You can’t use the card machine printer for itemised receipts, you’ll need a separate receipt printer for use by AirPOS.

Ok thanks, is there a print receipt option in airpos please?

I strongly recommend you look through their knowledge base (I don’t want to hijack this QuickFile forum to talk about other software). discusses receipt-related settings.

No problem, sorry and thanks for your help.

Also their own support people (the “chat” button bottom right of the backoffice) are very knowledgeable and helpful if you have questions that aren’t covered by the KB.

(I know I’m sounding like a bit of an evangelist - I don’t work for them but I’ve been using their software for nearly five years now with great success and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. Exactly the same goes for QuickFile too :wink:)

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Its no problem and thanks for your help you have been great. I hope you dont mind me nagging you! Cheers Donducé

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