Stop recurring invoices being emailed automatically

We need to check all invoices before they go out to the client in case there are modifications to be made.
I have put this topic up before and tried the answer which was to untick the box email on the template but this does not seem to stop the email being sent as soon as the invoice is activated.

Is this a bug in the system or is there something else that needs to be done.

Can you confirm that there are no boxes ticked here please?

If that’s the case, it would appear to be a bug!

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I see two recurring templates with an email recipient selected on your account. If you uncheck these (see @Parker1090’s suggestion) no further emails will be dispatched.

I have done that in the past so will test it again.
When you then email the invoice after unchecking the email box it does it set the invoice to send automaticly in the future or does the email box stay unticked

I tested this from anoher account.
I did not receive an email message that an invoice had been raised which is ok.
When I look at the invoice it is marked sent and it does appear in the clients control panel which is not ok before it has been modified if necessary.
Is the only way then to leave leave the email box ticked and pause all recurring invoices, do any modifications, then activate the ones to be sent and finally pause them all again.

Yes any invoices created from a recurring template will be created in ‘SENT’ status automatically, even if you disable any email notifications that go to the client. An invoice in SENT status will appear on the debtor control account and will be visible on the clients control panel.

What modifications are you needing to make before they go live? I’m just trying to understand the use case here?

What I am trying to test is for a cleaning service business. They have cleints with regular scheduled visits who are invoiced monthly. It quite often happens that the schedule alters either increasing or decreasing the billing amount or items are added or deleted because of a change in circumstances.
It iis just to be professional and get it right first time rather than have go go back and revise it later.

OK I understand… Recurring invoices are not a great fit for variable invoices, i.e. differing amounts, services etc month to month. They work better for regular fixed billing scenarios like subscriptions, or breaking down a repayment.

I mean what you could do is just create a generic client called something like “Invoices for review” and set all recurring templates to use this client. You can then go in and edit the invoice and client once you’ve altered or vetted it. Not sure if that works? Otherwise you may just need to create those invoice manually or copy them from an older version.

Thanks Glenn
It seems that making a copy of a previous invoice and making the changes on that will be the best solution in this instance. Setting the clients up on Google Calendar and linking to QuickFile with reminders on the invoice creation dates should work for them.

We now provide the ability to switch any recurring invoice template to “Manual Approval” mode. The invoice will be created as normal but will be left in “Draft” status. We’ll then email you to let you know that you can review, modify and approve when ready. You can find out more about this feature from the link below.

Setup your invoices for manual approval

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