Stop scrolling back to top when tagging


Unless there’s a good reason for this, could you prevent it scrolling to the top of the page after each tag on a transaction?

It will help with usability and I am unaware of any advantage of this behaviour.


Hi @tom_44

I believe it does this to show you the success/error message.

We can certainly consider changing this however. I’ve moved this into the #feature category for the moment.

You could consider something like notify.js or similar to do a position:fixed popup (relative to the viewport) instead of scrolling the page.

Thanks for the suggestion @ian_roberts. We’ll take a look.

It’s a good suggestion, anything that speeds up bank tagging will be beneficial. We’re looking into this now and we’ll update you shortly.

We’ve now released an update to the bank tagging confirmation that will stop the viewport from scrolling to the top of the screen each time. Hope that helps!


The same goes for deleting transactions for instance. I’m not sure but I think pretty much all screens jump back to the top when you confirm

Hi @Colin_Aspinall

We’ll take a look at this and update it if needed. Thanks for letting us know.

It would be most helpful to have previous or subsequent pages menu @ the top of the screen as well as the bottom to save keep having to scroll to the bottom every time

Hi @ntlworld

We do already have these on the bank statement view, in the top right corner, below the tag counts: