Strange bug when trying to tag payment to supplier

I have an issue that pops up regular when trying to tag payments and create a new purchase, the image of screenshot should explain enough, also to note, if i carry on with this screen and save, it creates a transaction with purchase type of “general purchase” and the description box is totally empty, VAT rate is 20%

Any supplier preset info is ignored, such as default purchase type, vat rate etc etc

My colleague was able to replicate this, but only when first going into the allocate to multiple invoices option, backing out then going into the option to “Create a new purchase record”. See below…

Back out then go back in through this link:

Now two fields are hidden.

This problem is due to a missing condition on the form reset routine that gets invoked when you hit the red back button. It’s a simple fix so we will get that corrected now.

Thanks for reporting!

that was easy enough to sort then, thanks

I believe it has now been fixed. I will tentatively mark this thread as solved.