Strange, no matching invoice

I have an outstanding invoice of 90.00 and I received the payment in my bank this morning. When I try to allocate it the is no matching outstanding invoice

Is it within the default date range? Have you changed the date range? Is it beyond the date ranges?

Is it the whole invoice value or is it already part paid before this payment arrived? If you select “pay down multiple invoices” and enter the client name then that should show you all that client’s outstanding amounts regardless of date and including part-paid invoices. Despite the wording this is generally the option to use when you want to apply a payment for anything other than the full value of one single recent invoice - part payment against a bigger invoice, split payment across several, an invoice too far back for the default search range, etc.


Its a single invoice, not part paid


I did a search and it found the customer, I was then able to allocate.

Unusual, as never had to do that before


May be to do with the invoice date, as Lurch suggested - the initial exact match scan only goes back a few months at most (I’m not sure the precise cut-off) and for anything older than that you have to use the “pay down multiple” option and narrow by client first.

Probably correct, it was an old invoice

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