Strange VAT "error" after switching to HMRC system

Hi. In the last quarter Sep-Dec I began using the new HMCR vat reportnig system. I’m using the accrual method. Always have done.

I invoice weekly so usually there’s 12 incoices per quarter.

I didn’t notice the system only included 9 invoices last quarter - ignoring three invoices generated in Septmber which should have been included.

I’ve just run the VAT for the new quarter Oct-Dec and the system has picked up the missing invoices from September? Am I missing something? To HMRC it will look s though I’m reporting late on three invoices?

With regards to hmrc it doesn’t matter so long as it’s included in the next vat return. As for why this happend maybe someone else can help.

Hi @guineapig

I will send you a private message to take a look into this for you.

Thank you. I didn’t know that.