Stripe and Paypal Feeds Not Working

Hi I’m a new user trialing quickfile.

I’m having issues with paypal and stripe feeds they do not seem to be importing…

Do I need to carry out this manually for any transactions prior to quickfile feed setup ? Do they automatically import everything from the account or should they?

Any help ?

Hi @Blackwood

Welcome to QuickFile! :slight_smile:

The feeds should pick up any transactions that take place after they have been set up. Anything prior to the setup won’t be imported.

The feeds themselves update overnight.

So, for example, if I enabled the feed yesterday, anything prior to then won’t be imported. But today, I would see any transactions that took place yesterday.

I hope that helps!

If say I’m going to manually import via PayPal, what are the best settings and methods to use to duplicate how the feed handles incoming and outgoing amount and also fees…?

There are also different options on PayPal like selecting balance affecting transactions, all transactions, completed payments. Also just a general import of past transactions using a csv file never seem to give the correct amount and fees are not shown .

Is there a guide do you plan to do some video tutorials ?

I have ended up just summarising the PayPal month and allocating it as one amount manually for income and outgoing . Is this ok also ?

The PayPal feed imports any sales and outgoing transactions, and the fee for any sales. It also includes any transfers to your bank (but this depends on your feed settings as this can be disabled).

This should be fine. The important thing is that it’s accurate and the original documents can be seen if needed (and as this is made up of sales from PayPal, they would have a record of these sales).

How would I go about attaching my paypal month summary to the associated transactions ?

You’re not able to attach files to a transaction unfortunately. But when you tag the transaction to a sales invoice (for money taken through PayPal) or a purchase invoice (e.g. PayPal fees), you would attach the file to the invoice.

Every invoice has an area at the bottom where you can attach files.

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