Stripe Auto Billing

Is it possible to autobill using Stripe at all? I know they support subscriptions, but curious if we were to set up a recurring invoice, if it could then be paid through Stripe automatically?

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If the API supports it then it may be possible. As these integrations can be quite complex I will leave this open for others to add their vote. Should we have enough support we can revisit this idea.

Up vote would be useful feature

We don’t run the forum, it’s developed by Discourse. Although adding a like next to the original post is the best way to add a vote.

Sorry glenn this is me causing misunderstanding, what i meant was i was upvoting the feature suggested not asking for the feature to upvote

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Just coming back to you on the API @Glenn, Stripe supports subscriptions. However, What I don’t think it can do is charge variable amounts, like you can with Go Cardless for example. I think it would be “£x.xx per month/year” and that’s it - similar to PayPal Subscriptions I believe.

However, even that would be useful for us.


Unfortunately getting Stripe fully integrated with recurring invoices would be a huge task.

I think the way to solve this is through some sort of WebHooks implementation on QF, so when an invoice is created from a recurring profile a WebHook is fired and then a 3rd party application can initiate the payment request.

The problem is catering for all the numerous payment processors out there, new ones are popping up all the time.

I know WebHooks have been discussed before and we really want to move this along in the next few months.

I agree, and would love a webhooks feature (thanks for linking back to my original post!)

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I add my vote for Stripe integration, thanks