Stripe Climate Contributions

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We’ve recently opted in to the Stripe Climate Contributions, and donate 1% of transactions, however, I’m unsure how we handle this within QuickFile, from the feed, we get the usual:

Invoice Payment: #XXXXXX (Stripe ID: ch_abcdefghij123456789)

but now also have a “Climate contribution”, how do we account for this within QuickFile?

Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you’re able to provide.

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Hello Markus

I found this which may help.

  • Is my contribution tax deductible?
  • You may be able to deduct it as a business expense in the same manner as a typical Stripe fee. Your contribution isn’t currently processed through a non profit organization.
    Speak to a tax advisor about your specific situation.

So whether it’s tax deductible, I’m not sure. That would be the key part I guess

Taken from here: Climate Commitments FAQ | Stripe Documentation

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