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Stripe credit on transaction

Client paid full invoice amount, using the Pay Online button. However, client meant only to pay half as a deposit, but they forgot to adjust the full invoice amount. Stripe refunded half back to client (as transaction was within a certain time). I’ve now received the other half (£428) less Stripe transaction fee (on the full invoice amount - but that’s another issue!). Stripe merchant account shows:

However, client’s account still shows as fully paid up on the original transaction, whilst they should still owe £428. Client account shows:
If I impersonate client:
What do I need to do to sort? Sorry, I’ve run out of brain power on this one

It looks like the £428 money out has been treated as a partial credit note, effectively cancelling the other half of the invoice. So the simplest and safest fix is to create a separate invoice for £428 - the client will see the original invoice, the credit note for the refund, and the new unpaid invoice, and they will owe £428.

The alternative is a bit more involved and would require you to

  • delete the credit note (which should also delete the refund transaction from the holding account)
  • detach the payment from the original invoice without deleting the payment itself - you do this by clicking on the green “tagged” button, then the link in the popup saying “this payment was made by…”, then use the red “detach” button in the middle of the payment screen
  • now the payment should show as unallocated, and there will be a “refund balance” button at the top. Clicking this should let you refund £428 of the payment from the stripe merchant account, which will recreate the money out transaction
  • finally go back to the invoice (now marked unpaid) and log payment → apply from credit, to re-attach the partial payment

The result of all this gymnastics should be to leave the original invoice part paid with £428 outstanding balance.

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Thanks for your prompt response @ian_roberts. I took the first easy option, as I also had to add a share of the Stripe transaction fee to the new invoice.
Thanks again

Be careful with that, there are only limited circumstances these days where you’re allowed to make surcharges that depend on which method of payment the customer chooses to use.

Ok, I’ve taken the fee off. It’s just a bit annoying that I’ll be charged again when the balance is paid.

Annoying yes, but I’m afraid it’s just another cost of doing business these days. If it happens frequently enough to be significant then all you can do is adjust your margins (for all customers) to compensate.

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