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Stripe Feed showing wrong calculation

I have a difficulty where an amount received from Stripe and then fees were deducted but the wrong balance is being shown in the feed. As follows:

You can see that on 5th November an amount was received of £606. Stripe’s fee was then deducted of £8.68 but the balance is shown as £593.05 but it should be £597.32.

Later on, on 12th November, £597.32 (the correct amount) is transferred to my bank account but this has left a deficit showing on the Stripe feed of £4.27 (which is the difference between £593.05 and £597.32.

How can this be corrected. I have tried to change it manually but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it.

Many Thanks, Luke.

If the balance at the end of 5/11 is different from the total of ins and outs that day then the account must not have started the day at zero - the error must have crept in at an earlier date.

Hello Ian,
Thank you for your reply.
The balance was correct up to 5th November when £606 was deposited / paid into the Stripe Account. It only went wrong when the calculation was made on 5th Nov and £8.68 was deducted from the £606 payment and it left £593.05.

It just seems to be that one calculation that has gone wrong. FYI everything is showing correctly on Stripe. It is only when the figures are brought into quickfile that there is an error.

Best Wishes,

Hello Ian,
UPDATE: I have found it… You were absolutely correct, there was £4.27 hiding away further down the transactions and I hadn’t spotted it.

Thank you for your kind assistance.
Best Wishes,

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