Stripe holding account not updated

Hi, we are using Stripe and has our first transactions go through the other week. Only thing is, they never showed up in the holding account, only in our main bank feed after they had deposited the funds.

Looking at the documentation is indicated that the holding account should be updated automatically. Any ideas why this didn’t happen?

Was the payment made through Quickfile itself, or just through Stripe?

If it’s just through Stripe, it won’t be updated automatically, only if it’s through QuickFile.

Let us know if the payment was made via QuickFile? If not then as @Parker1090 mentions it won’t automatically come through. If it was then we’d need to dig a little deeper.

You are both correct, it’s from outside of QF. Shame, we use some custom software to manage our service accounts, and customers have an auto-topup feature using Stripe. Would have been great if QF picked that up and we could just attribute the payment to an account. :frowning: