Stripe income categorization and tagging

Hi! I’ve been using Stripe to take small payments of $5. As they are in USD the value of GBP received isn’t precise so the tagging tool doesn’t recognise the invoice to which it should be assigned.

I’ve been through the invoices and marked them as paid-up using the correct values and dates as shown in the stripe account, but they still can’t be tagged. Do I leave them untagged or is there another step to take?

So far I have:

  • Imported Stripe payments
  • Created an invoice for each $5 transaction
  • Gone into each invoice and used Log payment to enter the amount received in GBP, that this was payment in full and that it was received into the Stripe account
  • Gone to the Stripe account and there are now duplicates of those transactions. I attempted to use the ‘tag me’ button, but with no luck.

What should I be doing instead?



Bank tagging doesn’t allow you to link transactions in one currency to invoices in another currency. So at step 3 you are doing the right thing and manually paying the invoices. However as you have observed there are now duplicate transactions on the Stripe account, what you would need to do therefore is to delete the duplicates that UNTAGGED.

Doing the above sort of negates the need to import the Stripe transactions to the bank in the first place, unless you have GBP payments coming in as well and these USD entries are not so common.

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